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Best Corporate Citizen Sustainability Awards 2018

The Ceylon Chamber of Commerce, continuing its efforts to take sustainability to grassroots level, encourages business enterprises to apply for the ‘Best Corporate Citizen Sustainability Award 2018’, and ‘Best Projects Sustainability Awards 2018’.

All private and public companies, unlisted or listed on the CSE, are eligible to apply. Holding and subsidiary companies may submit separate applications for different projects.

The awards lined up are: Best Corporate Citizen Sustainability (BCCS) Award 2018; Best Projects Sustainability Awards 2018; Top Ten Corporate Citizens Awards; Triple Bottom Line Awards [Environmental Sustainability (Planet), Social Sustainability (People), Economic Sustainability (Profit); Category Awards (Environmental Commitment, Environmental Integration, Environment Beyond the Business, Employee Relations, Customer Relations, Community Relations, Governance, Financial Performance, Economic Contribution); Sector Awards (Agriculture Sector, Construction Sector, Finance Sector, Healthcare Sector, Infrastructure and Logistics Sector, Knowledge Services Sector, Leisure Sector, Manufacturing Sector, Diversified Holdings, Other); Grand Slam Award; and Best Presented Application Award.

A new award will be introduced this year ‘for consistent commitment and demonstrated improvement’, selected from corporates who have participated in The Best Corporate Citizen Sustainability Award at least three years during the past five years.

These awards were introduced by the Ceylon Chamber of Commerce to encourage businesses to think beyond their bottom line by investing some of their gains in philanthropic activities that benefit the environment (Planet) and society at large (People).

Awards will be given for the best five sustainability projects.