Tikiri Children’s Month : Seylan Bank focuses on nurturing healthy children | Sunday Observer

Tikiri Children’s Month : Seylan Bank focuses on nurturing healthy children

Seylan Tikiri Children’s Month to mark World Children’s Day, will offer Tikiri account holders a digital FIT watch for deposits of Rs 2,500 and above to encourage children to be active.

In addition, Seylan Tikiri Children’s Month will also have a host of other fulfilled activities such as Tikiri Pola, Kids Banking Day, art competitions, Tikiri carnival, magic show and many more which will be executed across the Bank’s island wide branch network during the month of October.

Head of Marketing and Sales at Seylan Bank, Gamika de Silva said, “As technology grows at a very fast pace, people are becoming more committed as it brings utmost convenience and enable them to accomplish their day to day activities in a hassle-free manner.

“But on the other side what they omit is the health aspect where every year they become disconnected from practicing or engaging in physical exercises to stay healthy and be active. Understanding this gap among children and parents, Seylan Tikiri Children’s Month this year has come forward to re-ignite the thought of staying healthy and be active in all our Tikiri children located across the country.

“As a responsible corporate bank, we understand the importance of grooming children to become valuable assets to the country and as the bank with a heart we are taking the lead in producing an educated and energetic generation for the betterment of Sri Lanka,” he said.Seylan Bank was one of the first banks to introduce the concept of Seylan Tikiri Children’s Month, where celebrations spanned the entire month of October. Tikiri account holders can also become eligible to receive attractive gifts such as bicycles, remote-controlled helicopters, scooters, LED TVs and many more gifts by opening a new Tikiri account or depositing to an existing Tikiri account.