Dogs jump into record books | Sunday Observer

Dogs jump into record books

Two rescue dogs have both made their way into the Guinness Book of World Records for their jumping skills.Samantha Valle’s greyhound, Feather, was honoured by Guinness after her 191cm high jump was determined to be the highest jump by a dog.

Valle’s other dog, a border collie named Geronimo, earned records for most skips by a dog in one minute, 91 skips, as well as most double dutch skips by a dog in one minute, 128 skips.

Valle said she hopes Feather and Geronimo can serve as examples of rescue dog success stories. “I feel like people have a lot of misconceptions about rescue dogs. Like ‘Oh someone threw it away, there must be something wrong with it’ — but I really enjoy taking people’s throwaway animals and making them into something great.”