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Escape the Room

You have 60 minutes on the clock and a mission at hand. Can you escape the room before time runs out? Located on top of Cafe Noir Blanc in Colombo 5, Escape the Room is an interactive puzzle in which you and your friends must solve to escape. In order for you to enter the first two rooms you must be at least eight-years-old and anyone below the age of 14 will need parental guidance. Currently there are three different missions to complete, you and your friends can either choose to be bandits who must steal the Sheriff's gun before he returns. In the room “Most Wanted – Dead or Alive”. Or you can choose to climb aboard an abandoned shipwreck to find any hidden treasures, in the room “Shipwrecked”. The last room available is slightly difficult and is only allowed for those who are 10 and older, as you will have to try to escape the dungeons of the enemy castle, in the room “Iron Throne”. Good luck on your mission, which ever one you choose, and let’s see if you can escape the room!