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New Constitution: Mere eyewash, says Lalkantha

The Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna (JVP) says it has no confidence in a new Constitution coming into fruition.

Calling the efforts of the government mere eyewash, JVP Politburo member K.D. Lalkantha said in the current political scenario where one party does not have a majority, the possibility of a new Constitution being approved is highly unlikely.

“If a new Constitution is to be approved, it should be one which is agreeable to all parties in Parliament and all voting in favour of it,” he said, adding that, however, observing the situation now this does not seem feasible.

“Will they be able to draft a Constitution which is agreeable to all, is the question before us today,” Lalkantha added.

The draft of a new Constitution for the country is due to be submitted to the Constitutional Assembly on October 25, government sources have confirmed.

However, according to Lalkantha, the government has merely brought this topic up in the present political scenario where elections are looming, to gain the support of certain groups, particularly the politicians of the North and the East.

Therefore, the JVP front-liner said the party has put its weight behind getting the 20th Amendment to the Constitution approved instead, and is keen on calling for a public referendum. “It is worthwhile to identify the people’s opinion with regard to abolishing the Executive Presidency,” he said.

Lalkantha called on all members of Parliament to support the 20A by ensuring it gains a two-thirds majority in Parliament. “We ask of them to refrain from blocking the Amendment being taken up in a referendum,” he said, adding that it is finally time to conclude the debate regarding the Executive Presidency.