Sandya to protest delay in investigations | Sunday Observer

Sandya to protest delay in investigations

Sandya Eknaligoda, wife of missing journo Prageeth Eknaligoda, vowed to launch a series of protests for 60 days to show her discontent against the government’s attempt to hold-up investigations into his case. Speaking at a medi conference she said even though it has been three and a half years since Prageeth went missing, no allegations were made against perpetrators and the case is held up in the ‘B’ report.

“The President made several statements regarding the case. In some instances he said he will protect the Sri Lanka Army against such allegations and other times he says he will take action against army personnel. Then he goes to Geneva and asks them to let Sri Lanka solve its own issues,” Eknaligoda said.

Also speaking regarding the matter, Secretary to the Ceylon Teachers Union Joseph Stalin said despite the appointment of an investigation board by the army to look into the involvement of officials from the Army Intelligence Unit in this case; its report is yet to be produced.

“Minister Sagala Ratnayaka recently said in Parliament that 126 journalists were subjected to various forms of harassment during the previous regime. From the 126, investigations are carried out on only five cases that include Prageeth and Keith Noyahr. If after three and a half years their cases are still pending, we can’t even think of solving the cases of the other 121. Several Tamil journalists including Sivaram are in this list,” Stalin said.