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Creative expressions

Expressing the ideas of a creative mindset is a beautiful art. When visiting a friend this weekend I found their daughter to be a very creative young girl. Dukesheeka Jenorge is a final year IT student. This vibrant 22- year -old has decorated almost every area of her home. Her most outstanding display is her collection of 23 individual cactus plants that adorn her window balcony.

Today many people in city apartments complain about not having gardens, yet young Dukesheeka with a positive and environment friendly mind has grown these cactus plants for almost five years and arranged them with such artistic precision.

In addition to this her creative hands have gone on to paint ordinary pots into mesmerising exhibits of modern art. Another area of her expression comes from painting round flat stones.

She explains “I always see how I can use ordinary stuff to make something colourful and creative. I don’t incur a big cost. My only expense is the cost of the fabric paints”.

The young artist has painted on stones, glass bottles and fabric. Her delicate strokes with the brush have given life to flat stones, making this a unique form of interior décor.

A past student of Methodist College, Colombo she says she began seeing her creative side after leaving school. Her time spent on craft making and her cactus display is a refreshing break from doing her university assignments. She also says that giving a handmade gift to her friends has more value and soul than buying a regular gift. Young Dukesheeka has set the pace for other young people to follow and adopt a creative hobby.

By Dishan Joseph