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Importance of sports and exercise

Exercise is very important to lead healthy lives and participating in various sports can help achieve this. Sports are very useful for our lives. There are many advantages in doing sports because it helps to develop our personality and also makes our body strong and healthy. This in turn keeps our minds healthy. Sports teach us to accept defeat and victory in the same spirit. You can develop special qualities such as patience, courage and a sense of responsibility. All these qualities are helpful to prepare us to live as good citizens in the society.

My favourite sports are swimming, tennis and horse-riding. I get involved in these sports at least once a week. I enjoy doing these sports. We have many sports in our school and children participate in different sports. We must participate in at least one sport in our lives, only then will our bodies become strong and healthy.


Thihansa Vimukthi Alutwala,

Grade 4,

Asian International School,