Malwatte Export Processing Park contributes Rs 2b in export revenue | Sunday Observer

Malwatte Export Processing Park contributes Rs 2b in export revenue

The BOI’s Malwatta Export Processing Park (MEPP) contributed Rs. 2,832 mn (US$ 18 mn) in export revenue as at end of 2017.

MEPP is situated in Nittambuwa, in the Gampaha district. It was established in 1998 on a land area of 32.8 acres of which 26.32 acres are industrial land. The infrastructure facilities at the zone include water, the processing of waste water and electricity, making it attractive to investors.

There are six enterprises in commercial operations at the Malwatta zone including manufacture of garments, hats and caps, paper products, lubricant and warehouse and logistics. Presently 16 more enterprises outside the zone are also monitored by the MEPP.

One of the companies at the Malwatta Export Processing Park is Young An Int. Lanka (Pvt) Ltd that manufactures hats for exports. The company which is a Korean investment employs 418 staff and have been operating in Sri Lanka for 30 years.Young An Int. Lanka (Pvt) Ltd manufactures 6,000 hats and caps a day which are mainly embroidered 6 panels caps. The six panel caps are the popular baseball caps worn initially in the USA by baseball players but now widely adopted by military forces as well enjoying worldwide popularity among the general population. Most of Young An In. Lanka (Pvt) Ltd’s production is exported to the USA.

The zone’s enterprises have a significant impact on the local economy as they provide employment to 2061 staff. The Zone therefore promotes the Government’s objective to develop regional industrialization and the creation of opportunities throughout the country.