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SLIM Brand Excellence 2018

Sixteen years ago, SLIM made history by introducing the first awards ceremony dedicated to recognizing and rewarding the best brands and brand custodians.

Today, the awards campaign that began with 26 entries has far exceeded the expectations of its founders. In September the organizers of SLIM Brand Excellence 2018 announced that there was a record-breaking number of applications entered for the awards this year. This is a testament to the growing popularity of SLIM Brand Excellence as a prestigious awards campaign that serves as a platform of development for brands, brand managers and entrepreneurs.

It has been observed that SMEs are the drivers of business in the nation’s economic activity. As the national body of marketing, SLIM supports the development of this sector via SLIM Brand Excellence. It is hoped that the awards campaign will present members of SMEs with the opportunity to gain vital knowledge and encouragement to become a more significant part of the marketing fraternity of Sri Lanka.

In a bid to increase the number of entries from the SME sector, the SME entry kit has been revised and simplified. The Sinhala SME entry kit was also introduced for the first time this year. SLIM Brand Excellence has been revamped over the past few months by a group of expert marketers.

Also the International Brand Award has been included in the main awards category. Such strategic moves serve as a means of motivating participation and thereby supporting the participants’ evolution to the next level in their business.

This ensures the development of the country’s marketing fraternity in the long term.

The awards stand upon four primary pillars, which are intent, content, process and performance. The judging process consists of two stages – desk evaluation and the presentation of the brand story.