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The Secret of Moon Castle

The Secret of Moon Castle is the fifth book in the Secret Series by Enid Blyton. The main characters are five children named Jack, Peggy, Nora, Mike and Paul. Paul is the Prince of Baronia - a fictional country in Europe. Paul was rescued from kidnappers by Jack, Peggy, Mike and Nora after which his parents send him to boarding school in England with Jack and Mike. Jack is adopted by Mr. and Mrs. Arnold who are Peggy, Nora and Mike’s parents. The children alternatively spend their school holidays in Paul’s castle in Baronia or with the Arnolds.

In this book, Paul’s parents the King and Queen of Baronia want to spend their vacation in England, and Mrs. Arnold and the children look for a suitable castle for them to stay in. They find the Moon Castle in a remote area to their liking and plan to spend the holidays there. But the caretakers of the castle try to discourage them from staying there and they also hear strange stories about the castle. The caretaker’s son Guy Brimmy is a nasty character who behaves as if he owns the castle when it is in fact owned by Lord Moon. The children have many adventures and uncover the mystery of Moon Castle.

Reviewed by Hannah George