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Brother of Australian cricketer questioned over Kamer case

The brother of a famous Australian Cricketer was questioned over the case of Kamer Nizamdeen, the Sri Lankan university student who was arrested by the New South Wales (NSW) counter terrorism officers on terror charges and released after more than a month in a maximum security prison.

The Daily Telegraph reported that the police have questioned the cricketer’s brother over this incident and the Ten Daily reported his house was searched by the police, armed with a search warrant. The alleged suspect Arsalan Khawaja is the brother of a famous Australian cricketer.

A bright PhD student and a contract employee of the University of New South Wales Kamer was arrested on a tip off, after a note book which he had misplaced weeks ago, was found with hand written details of terror attacks on iconic places and individuals.

It was not immediately clear if Arsalan had tipped the police off about the note book.The Sri Lankan student was held in Goulburn’s Supermax jail for a month with no communication with his family.

Kamer had denied the handwriting was his and his family accused that he had been framed by someone. The Sri Lankan student’s lawyer blamed the police for arresting his client on such flimsy evidence.

He was released on bail late September when the court found the experts who studied the entries in the notebook did not conclude it was Kamer’s handwriting. The charges against him were dropped by the police on Friday.

Kamer’s lawyer Moustafa Khier told Australian media he will file for legal costs on behalf of Kamer and later against the NSW police for the way his client was treated. MF