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Been original with Mass Damnation

Everyone brings an idea, a riff or a complete song to the practice space. We jam that out and see where it goes. Then record a demo version at home and add more detail to it and then come the lyrics. 

A very few bands actually make it so far as to create a legacy of nearly a decade. However, since Mass Damnation’s debut in 2010, the members have stuck through thick and thin, and today they are one of the most influential metal bands in the country. The band since their inception has been making serious waves in the metal scene for the past eight years, especially with their album the Catalyst of Hate.

With Tony on the guitars, Nirodha on the drums, Aki playing the bass, and Ryan’s vocals along with Thishan, who is also the deadlift specialist, on lead guitars, the group has performed at hundreds of gigs, but lately they play less live shows and focus more on studio recordings. Young Voice caught up with this exclusive band.

So, first of all, Mass Damnation has been around for quite a while now. But how did all of this happen. How did you start?

The idea was spawned by Tony and Nirodha. Both of them were playing for a band called “Sword of the Spirit” and when they disbanded they formed Mass Damnation.

You guys are treated as part of the legends in Sri Lanka’s metal scene. One factor that stands out is the name? Why did you call yourselves ‘Mass Damnation’?

The idea was, looking at the world we live in as an alternative hell. Everyone is being born into these hellish, corrupt and diabolical conditions of our world. “Mass damnation” kind of got the idea across and it sounded cool at the same time so it worked for us.

Ok.. Let’s go back to the band’s infancy. What was it like to perform at your first gig?

Our first gig was great and the response we got was amazing. We had released a single before our first gig as mass damnation and people were already familiar with the material off the bat. It was a memorable show.

And were your families supportive?

Given what is considered normal in this country our parents have been very supportive. No one really tried to hold us back.

Was there ever a time you just wanted to give up? If you stuck through what made you do so?

I think the reason we have been doing this for so long, is because we never really thought of it as a permanent job, more of a hobby and an escape. We are extremely passionate about what we do. I think that’s why we have survived and will continued to do so.

What is the response to metal in Sri Lanka?

Metal is still very underground and shunned upon here is Sri Lanka. The mainstream is thriving. That being said the community is still continuing to grow, the crowds are getting bigger and the quality of music is on a different level to what it was a few years ago. Good things are happening.

You guys sing about pretty intense subjects. How do you approach song writing? What inspire you?

Everyone brings an idea, a riff or a complete song to the practice space. We jam that out and see where it goes. Then record a demo version at home and add more detail to it and then come the lyrics. We mostly focus on what’s exactly happening in today’s world and tragedies that people ignore. Social stigma, political and religious propagandas and global warming. Anything that affects us on a personal level we tend to spit it out.

You guys are almost metal veterans, what is the advice you have to give to budding metal groups?

We’ve been around for a while as musicians but don’t think we’re veterans yet. We are definitely not the pioneer’s in the scene but we are here because of the people who started this scene and supported it, right throughout. Its growing and will continue to grow. The best advice I could give anyone starting out, especially when it comes to metal. Just be passionate about the music that you choose to play and love it. Create your own identity and be original. Most importantly be humble.

Finally, where can your fans catch you next and when?

It’s simple, log into FB go like Mass Damnation and Mosh Scream Rock and the updates will flow like the floods that Noah predicted.

Photo credit: Yohan Justin