An age diverse workforce makes sense | Sunday Observer

An age diverse workforce makes sense

The generation gap is widening at a terrific speed. We have to change for the better and adjust according to the needs of modern times. In every field, experts often speak of the generation gap - (differing attitudes, behaviours and perspectives between older and younger groups) - as a major obstacle to intergenerational relationships for integration of the old and new. It may be worth your while to build bridges with people of all ages to expand your horizons and drive organisational success.

The younger generation of employees are tech savvy and learn fast. They are full of energy and they are challengers. They aspire to succeed and make a good career, which requires knowledge and experience. So, they try to get an abundance of knowledge and experience from different sources and intense interactions. Young blood brings many fresh ideas to the team they are in.

Reliability and stability

The older generation on the other hand is steady and reliable and offers decades of relevant experience for prudent problem solving. They can offer younger employees valuable mentoring for free. They are not job-hoppers – and turnover can be very expensive for any company. An age-diverse workforce makes sense since older employees represent a large segment of the buying public. They may know their market better than the rest of your team. They are able to better comprehend the operating environmental changes. The benefits of intergenerational relationships are numerous. The advantages are plentiful for both older and younger generations. The younger generation can learn valuable life lessons from an older generation that has experienced a great deal of setbacks and triumphs along the way. These conversations can relieve anxiety about the future. Each generation has a unique skill set to contribute to the world.

Inclusion and diversity

Part of growing the right work culture is ensuring everyone in your organization has a good understanding about inclusion and diversity. A workplace that is inclusive and diverse is better and more effective, and age diversity is a very important part of this. If you can foster a work environment that accepts people for who they are and what they can do, this can be a welcome shift from the approach that discounts people because of their age. Bring different generations of employees together to cooperate and bring varied perspectives for growth and sustainability.

If you thought bringing young blood is the way to find solution or depending on the reliable old generation is the way to sustain performance, you might want to consider striking the right balance for the right reasons.