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Divron Bioventures recognised for contribution to aquaculture

Dr. Tim Dejager and Shan Meemanage receive the award from President Maithripala Sirisena.
Dr. Tim Dejager and Shan Meemanage receive the award from President Maithripala Sirisena.

Seafood exporter, Divron Bioventures (Pvt) Ltd. was honoured for its contribution to develop Sri Lanka’s inland fisheries and aquaculture recently.

Company Directors, Dr. Tim Dejager and Shan Meemanage, received the award from President Maithripala Sirisena at the ‘Miridiya Varuna 2018’ awards ceremony organised by the National Aquaculture Development Authority of Sri Lanka at the BMICH.

The award recognises the company’s commitment to develop and grow export markets for sustainable seafood from Sri Lanka characterized by exceptional quality and high value.

Divron was founded in 2015 by Lankan Meemanage and Canadian-Belgian DeJager, who together have a cumulative four decades of experience in aquaculture, live and fresh fish and shellfish sales, and in research and development.

Divron, based in Pamunugama, has a strong team of over 50 employees in breeding, grow-out, logistics, packing, and marketing.

Divron’s successful value chain involves direct participation and benefit to thousands of inland fishers who manage and harvest giant freshwater prawns (scampi) and other fish from the country’s inland reservoirs. The company understands the importance of these reservoirs, and the fisher communities whose livelihoods depend on them, as an important resource for the future growth of aquaculture and fisheries in Sri Lanka. As its future roadmap, Divron intends to extend this model of development to coastal fisheries and aquaculture utilising lagoons and coastal areas for sustainable production and harvesting of additional products such as crabs, oysters, clams and other crustaceans. Divron has also developed a value chain model that has enhanced the capacity of rural communities and integrated it together towards the commercial and technical advancement of sustainable aquaculture. Collaborating with NAQDA through a Public-Private Memorandum of Understanding, Divron receives the services of the institution and its extension officers in facilitating the development of the value chain. The development potential of Divron’s value chain model has been recognised by the Australian Government who has supported further enhancements through a contribution from its Market Development Facility program through Australian Aid.