The celestial cycle | Sunday Observer

The celestial cycle

The Grey Seas turned red
from sunsets crimson rays
Darkness creeps over the earth as the world goes to sleep
Birds have ceased their screeching the child is put to bed
Twinkling stars peep from high the Orb has slipped ahead.

A gentle hush falls on the land cool evening breezes blow
The torrid day has passed away the Moon begins to glow.
Look, in the deep and darkened seas fishing boats flicker
Will come ashore at dawn again when morning rays appear.

Stay, the sun has gone to sleep will rise at morn tomorrow
And yet again will paint the sky and chase away the shadow
Then King like climb the dome on high and lighten up the earth
And rule these mortal hosts again inflaming them to life.

So it has from dawn of day till end of all mankind
This core of power would rise and set ruling earthly beings
Whilst lesser orbs are all compelled to dance before their King
Until they too will die with him in one explosive din.

- Lucky de Chickera