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An Inspirational Message

This is an inspirational message for parents to obey
In one’s life this would go a long way
Since children learn largely through example
Best way to inculcate good values is to live with them
For parents, this is not always easy and fit
But if they practice, children will directly benefit
Love is more important than material possessions
Also, their kindness and overflowing compassion
Kids like music, melodies, is nothing strange
Because they are hoarded with play things of a vast range
Good nursery rhymes can take the place of commercial jingles
Nevertheless, those will be rejected like expired springles
Children react definitely to the gentle vibration
Gently and smoothly with much stimulation
Sometimes parent’s leisure time can be shared
Where children can sit on their laps for stories to be heard
It is their responsibility to teach them good norms
Not only while outside but also starting at home
They should be taught nature of things as they truly are
And also, that good things are truly very rare
Growing up with religion in the home helps
The children who can participate along with them
It is a nice way to connect with them feeling good
On spiritual matters from the very childhood
Practicing together provides the opportunity
For both parties to enjoy respecting humanity
Parents should cultivate in them kindness towards creatures
That is how they can avert their anger and displeasure
Don’t just talk to them about getting good grades
It should be centred on all round interests and ideas
A good relationship when they are teens is very important
Never let them feel neglected anywhere in any sort
Be sympathetic towards their concerns with a positive attitude
Train them, someday they will be conscious of their gratitude
Informal discussions will be both amusing and instructive
Where the ultimate end product will be constructive
Always keep open the doors of communication
So that there is no room for any kind of frustration
Teach them skills to deal with different situations
Let them come forward with firm determination
Delegate tasks to everyone in the family
Let them be duties they enjoy truly and really
See that they don’t get addicted to new technology
If they exceed the limit never accept their apology
With the above stream of worthy advice parents spark
Their offspring will never ever be in the dark

-Rupa Banduwardena