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Malory Towers

The Malory Towers series written by Enid Blyton consists of six books titled First Term at Malory Towers, Second Form at Malory Towers, Third Year at Malory Towers, Upper Fourth at Malory Towers, In the Fifth at Malory Towers and Last Term at Malory Towers. The books focus on the main character Darrell Rivers’ life in boarding school in England.

The first book titled First Term at Malory Towers begins with Darrell’s train journey to Malory Towers. Darrell makes friends fast but she dislikes Gwendoline who is a spoilt child. The girls play harmless pranks on their teachers, especially the French teacher, and have midnight feasts and enjoy their stay at boarding school. Darrell’s younger sister Felicity joins her at Malory Towers later in the series. In the Fifth at Malory Towers, Darrell and her friends organise a Christmas play Cinderella and Darrell writes the script.

In 2009, Pamela Cox wrote sequels focusing on Felicity Rivers titled New Term at Malory Towers, Summer Term at Malory Towers, Winter Term at Malory Towers, Fun and Games at Malory Towers, Secrets at Malory Towers and Goodbye Malory Towers. The stories revolve around friendships and the importance of getting good grades and also enjoying yourself at boarding school.

Reviewed by Hannah George