‘Stylish Marketeer’ unfolds on the theme ‘Wild Life’ | Sunday Observer

‘Stylish Marketeer’ unfolds on the theme ‘Wild Life’

‘Stylish Marketer’ is the first ever annual Inter-University Fashion Show organized by the Future Marketeers’ Association (FMA) of the Department of Marketing Management, University of Kelaniya. Since its inception in 2008, FMA has been fostering its efforts to groom undergraduates in the fashion industry under diverse themes, to showcase the talents of a vibrant group of models and talented designers from a number of universities in Sri Lanka. This year, it is unfolding for the 9th consecutive time on the theme ‘Wild Life’.

From its inception until now, ‘Stylish Marketeer’ has grown through leaps and bounds and today it is known to be the one and only Inter-University Fashion Extravaganza organized by Undergraduates.

Even though ‘Stylish Marketeer’ was initially limited to the undergraduates of the University of Kelaniya, with its collaboration with Hameedia as the Platinum Sponsor in 2016, it has expanded its horizons towards the entire university system of Sri Lanka.

Once ‘Stylish Marketeer’ opened up for all universities in 2016, the majority of universities joined hands including University of Moratuwa, University of Colombo, University of Ruhuna, University of Peradeniya, University of Sabaragamuwa, University of Visual and Performing Arts and Open University of Sri Lanka and have been with ‘Stylish Marketeer’ since then. The number of universities have expanded year on year and this year, it has exceeded 14 universities. Applications are called for undergraduates of universities in Sri Lanka for the categories of Modelling and Designing, where, on a series of workshops and training, the top 10 performers are selected via auditions, trained and judged by professional models and designers.

The final ten will perform in the finale of ‘Stylish Marketeer’ competing to being crowned as the ‘Best Male Model’, the ‘Best Female Model’ and the ‘Best Designer’. Brian Kerkovan, designer, model manager, model trainer and choreographer has served as the official choreographer of the event for the past few years.

Of those who reaped benefits from ‘Stylish Marketeer’, Ishanka Pamuditha, Pawani Withanage, Piumee Vithanage, Salini Perera and Dilan Dakshina are a few who went on to be very successful in the Fashion Industry winning titles in several national and international modelling pageants. Ishanka Pamuditha was crowned as the ‘Face of Asia’ in 2018 and Pawani Withanage as ‘Miss Grand Sri Lanka’ in 2018.

“Stylish Marketeer” has given opportunities to undergraduates in leveraging their passion towards fashion modelling and designing, to make them known nationally and internationally while contributing to the fashion industry in Sri Lanka. Their engagement and scope levels up to a greater height every passing year and continues to be the sole stronghold of opportunity for undergraduates of Sri Lanka to be Iconic.