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Spin bowling camp for Kandy schools

Malcolm Perera talks to the boys
Malcolm Perera talks to the boys

A spin bowling clinic in Kandy was held on Friday at the Randle Hills ground conducted by former Sri Lanka Cricket coaching director Malcolm Perera with coaches like Prasad Ranawaka, Amila Pinnaduwa, Ajith Bandara, Alex Nishantha, Harsha Udana and Ruwantha Hathurusinghe.

Seventy young cricketers from all schools in the Kandy district were in attendance except St. Anthony’s College.

All players were well looked after with every need from water to meals. The clinic’s main aim was to improve the skill of current young players and potential future for Kandy schools spin bowlers.

Their main aim was coaching the wrist into the right position at release. When coaching off spin, one likes to start from the release backwards. The process that goes before release should all be geared to consistently produce an action that allows the wrist to be in the right place at release, a position that keeps the seam upright and slightly angled towards leg slip.

It is the stock delivery an off spin bowler needs to master. The students who were present achieved this along with wrist drills. Seated throwing a spinning ball against the wall, throwing a spinning ball to a partner and bowling a spinning ball to a partner were some of the techniques the boys learnt.