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Movie launch: ‘Sri Siddhaa’ – a flashback into the past

11 November, 2018
 Lighting the oil lamp
Lighting the oil lamp

‘Sri Siddhaa’, a classical movie by Rear Admiral Sarath Weerasekara was launched in Colombo last month. The movie presents the story of King Vijayabahu as a flashback, after a villager in the Matara district accidentally finds a bronze plate said to contain a record of how Prince ‘Kitti’ and his royal family were rescued by ‘Budalna’ (Buddha Raja Naga) and how King Vijayabahu paid his gratitude to Budalna with gifts and offerings.

Vijayabahu was born in Ruhuna by the name of ‘Kitti’. Prince ‘Kitti’, the son of King Moggallana and Queen Lokitha, was13 years when the Cholas invaded Sri Lanka in 993 AD.

The Chola invaders killed all the princes who then deserved to be crowned, but the royal family of Prince ‘Kitti’ were fortunate, in that, they hid in the woods and saved themselves.

From the moment the copper inscription was written, the story line is developed through an adventurous flow of moments that show how Budalna struggles to protect Prince Kitti and his family, how the Prince was taught to become a crackerjack of military tactics through the protective guidance of Budalna and how Prince Kitti reunites the country, fighting back the Chola troops.

As Prince Kitti had to commit his entire childhood and life for the sake of the country, the movie sets out how the Prince misses his early life and dedicates his life to the reunion of the country.

For thousands of years, our ancestors were devoted to the country and gave themselves over to the struggle of war, for the salvation of the nation.

The movie makes much of their devotion for the betterment of the country, and the importance of safeguarding a prestigious country that was won back with so much blood and sweat.

‘Sri Siddhaa’ will occupy a unique place in the history of classical movies with the collective contribution and effort of a group of renowned actors and actresses, such as, Jagath Chamila, Udari Warnakulasooriya, Pabodha Sandeepani, Kumara Thirimaadura and Dineth de Silva including ‘Angampora’, the indigenous martial art of Sri Lanka with combat techniques. When ‘Sri Siddhaa’ starts screening, moviegoers will get an opportunity to view our incredible and eminent history made by our mighty ancestors.

Pix: Chinthaka Kumarasinghe