Sampath Bank renovates two dilapidated tanks | Sunday Observer

Sampath Bank renovates two dilapidated tanks

Sampath Bank recently handed over the renovated Ambagaha Wewa in Anuradhapura District’s Kahatagasdigiliya and Dhanyawa Wewa in the Polonnaruwa district’s Divulankadawala, Medirigiriya to members of local communities.

Deputy General Manager – Branch Banking, Sampath Bank PLC Thusitha Nakandala presided over the ceremonial handing over of the tanks recently along with government officials, members of the local farmers’ associations, other representatives from Sampath Bank and members of the villages.

The renovated tanks will serve as a source of water for over 170 farming families cultivating paddy on about 152 acres of land across the two districts where farming is largely dependent on functioning irrigation systems. Spearheading this sustainable development project, Sampath Bank had adopted a tripartite approach in association with the Irrigation Engineer’s Office of Minneriya, the Department of Agrarian Development of Anuradhapura and the members of the community to renovate the two tanks under the Wewata Jeewayak initiative, its flagship CSR program.

Going beyond offering financial assistance for the projects, Sampath Bank supported the local communities in the execution and provided guidance and consultancy as well. The Bank also helped to connect the rural community with like-minded entities and relevant administrative authorities.

The Bank has also set up a computer lab and a ‘My doc’ unit at the Kahatagasdigiliya Primary School and provided 225 families and 2,100 schoolchildren in Dhanyawa access to clean drinking water.

Assistant General Manager, Human Resources, Sampath Bank PLC Lalith Weragoda said, “Proper and functioning irrigation systems remain the backbone of sustainable agricultural development in the Anuradhapura and Polonnaruwa Districts.

Historically, Sri Lanka was well known for its sophisticated irrigation systems and technical know-how. Hailing from that proud tradition, farmers in Anuradhapura and Polonnaruwa can still rely on the tank systems to source water all year around to cultivate paddy. We simply leveraged on this advantage and provided not only the financial backing but also networking strength, guidance and consultancy to renovate the water reserves.

“Following the official handing over of the renovated tanks, the two local Farmers’ Associations - Sakvithi Farmers Association, Ambagaha Wewa and Divulkadawala Bedumela Farmers Association – will assume the responsibility of maintaining and preserving the tanks under the guidance of Sampath Bank, the Department of Agrarian Development, Anuradhapura and the Irrigation Engineer’s Office, Minneriya.

Having undertaken several similar projects in the past under the Wewata Jeewayak initiative, Sampath Bank will be monitoring the progress of these two projects.