Majestically in shackles | Sunday Observer

Majestically in shackles

You say I am playful
Yes, I could have been,
If I am not in iron chains
Like an offender who deserves hurt
You remark I am fortunate
Yes, I could have been,
If you allowed me
To be in my herd
And to own the mate
Of my choice
In your eyes I am majestic
Yes, I could have been,
If you let me roam freely
In the jungle where I was born
You believe I am happy
Yes, I could have been,
If you didn’t capture me mercilessly
From the wild
When I was just an innocent calf
You think I am pious and gaining merits
When I am walking in pageants
Yes of course, If I could have been
Like the noble tusker
In the Parileyya forest
Who offered the needs
Not by force
But on his own
To the greatest sage,
The most compassionate one
Who never hurt anyone

- N.A.A.P.K. Nedurana