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Teenager laments

11 November, 2018

I was a teenager
Till I met that beautiful Lady
She spoke to me in an enchanting voice
I loved her and got into her car
She gave me food in a five star hotel
Took me to a well set room with A/C
She hugged me and said
“Darling you stay here,
I will bring you a beautiful dress”
Saying she closed the door and went out
Suddenly the door was opened
In came a handsome young fellow
Glanced at me and said
My dear you are still in your school uniform
But attended to fulfill his requirements
Later, he hugged me
Kissed me
and said I am very sorry
But I am very happy
and gave me thousands five
That was the end of my girlhood
The girl became a woman
I cursed that beautiful Lady
for offering innocent girls
for her financial benefits
It came to my mind
That they are the ladies
Who fight for women’s rights
At the expenses of unsuspecting girls
Offering them for the
Sexual pleasure of men.

- R.C.S. Lenora.