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Art and Craft ideas for kids!

Hello kids!

Are you interested in handicrafts? If so this page is for you. All art and craft lovers can have fun and spend their leisure time in an interesting way. Come let’s have fun doing easy activities every weekend with crafter Maleendri Anandapiya. You can follow her on her facebook page – Lanka Eco Gallery and on Instagram through eco_gallery_lk

Once upon a time there lived a Princess called Snow White who loved apples but her step mother refused to give her apples, then she decided to grow an apple tree in her room, and this is what she did… “POPSICLE APPLE!”

Things we need to make a POPSICLE APPLE:


1. A pencil

2. An eraser

3. A pair of scissors

4. Glue

5. 6 popsicle sticks

6. A black marker or a 'Felt' tip pen.

7. Colour board Red & Green

8. And a tiny piece of Brown



How to make:


1. Draw a circle on the colour


2. Cut the circle out.

3. Then fold the circle into half and

cut it.

4. Take 3 popsicle sticks and keep

them together in a row and paste

the 2 halves of the circle on either

side of the popsicle sticks, and

keep it aside.

5. Take a piece of green board and

draw a leaf like this, and cut it out.

6. Take a piece of brown board and

cut a small rectangle piece.

7. Now paste the brown rectangle

piece on one side of the half

circle that’s pasted on the popsicle sticks, and paste the leaf on it.

9. Take the black marker and draw

some seeds on the apple.

10. And it’s ready!