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Secret Kingdom: Sugarsweet Bakery

How would you like to bake something magical and witness the wonders of a magical bakery in a magical kingdom? Well, the novel Secret Kingdom: Sugarsweet Bakery is the perfect book to have such an experience without going anywhere. It is one of the sweetest books in the Secret Kingdom series by Rosie Banks.

The story revolves around three girls named Ellie, Summer and Jasmine. They keep a secret which is that they are friends of the ruler of a magical kingdom called Secret Kingdom. They are such good friends that the ruler King Merry can count on these three girls at any time, any place whenever there is trouble. One day the king gets into trouble and the three girls have to bake a cake with six rare ingredients in order to save his life. The girls find the first ingredient honeycomb from the Bubble Volcano and are on their way to find the second ingredient which is silver spun sugar that is only produced once a year in the Sugarsweet bakery. The only person who can get the sugar is the one who wins the cake making contest. When everything somehow seems to be going right, there comes trouble again. Read this book to satisfy your curiosity on what happens next. I’m sure this book is going to be your sweetest adventure yet.

Ravini Perera,

Grade 9,

Ashoka College,