Diabetes Health Camp today | Sunday Observer

Diabetes Health Camp today

The Sri Lanka Diabetes Federation has invited the public to join a Diabetes Health Camp today, ahead of International Diabetes Day which falls on November 14.

Diabetes, now recognised as a global epidemic, affects the young and the old alike. “Our primary aim is to prevent this debilitating disease affecting over 10 percent of our population that could send them to an early grave, recognise early symptoms and educate those at risk to get themselves screened with some simple tests available at most of our state health facilities,” Senior Lecturer, Faculty of Medicine, University of Colombo, Dr. Prasad Katulanda told the Sunday Observer.

He said, those at high risk include those with a family history of diabetes, those with unhealthy lifestyles, were overweight and obese. For high risk persons initial screening is recommended at 35 years”, he added. He said, these symptoms are mild and even absent in some patients, especially, with type 2 diabetes. Therefore, it is important to screen them for diabetes.

The main program is organised by the Sri Lanka Diabetes Federation, Sri Lanka College of Endocrinologists and Sri Lanka Cardiovascular Initiative, along with the Non Communicable Disease Bureau of the Health Ministry and Lions International.

The Camp will be held from 7.30 a.m at Green Path with free eye tests and screening for diabetes retinopathy.