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Mother of two Buddhist prelates seeks help

11 November, 2018

A mother who had offered her two children to the Buddhist Order is, today suffering from Parkinsons disease and also breast cancer, which has spread beyond possible cure and is also under acute condition of Parkinsons.

She needs Rs. 11,000 per month for her treatment and drugs.

P.H. Rathnawathi of Galgodadeniya, Thalgampala, Galle, looked after the children by working in tea estates. In 2008 she was diagnosed with cancer and has been seeking treatment since then. And again she contracted with Parkinson’s disease in 2012. Her eldest son who is married and a father of one, helps the mother and looks after his own family with his meagre wages.

One of her younger sons was ordained as Ven. Galgodadeniye Rathanawansa Thera at the Sri Bodhirajarama Vihara Temple in Simbalagahawatta, Mahamodara, Galle. The other young child is now Ven. Thalgampala Ariyasumana Thera living in Mihindu Viharaya, Watareka, Galle.

Those willing to help may contribute to the credit of A/c No: 103553779723 of the Galle Sampath Bank, in favour of Ven. Galgodadeniye Rathanawansa Thera. Please contact: 0713652544.