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Arpico fetes top dealers

Chairman  Dr. Sena Yaddehige
Chairman Dr. Sena Yaddehige

Arpico hosted an event for its top dealers in the hardware sector, for the sixth consecutive year, at The Blue Water Hotel, Wadduwa recently.

The ‘Dealer Awards’ is one of the highlights of the Arpico Local Manufacturing and Distribution (LMD) sector events calendar. The ceremony featured over 100 top hardware dealers who have accumulated the highest sales targets for the company during 2017/2018. They and their families received valuable gifts and free tours, under various categories.

Deputy General Manager, LMD Sector, Richard Pieris & Company, Duminda Perera said, “The Arpico dealer network plays a significant role in taking our top-quality products to a larger customer base island wide. Our objectives are to retain and increase the dealer base island-wide and to strengthen the relationship between the company and its dealers.”

Head of Marketing and Business Development, LMD Sector, Richard Pieris & Company, Dilshan Abeysekera said, “Without the valuable support and commitment of our people we could not have achieved such a strong growth over the past years. I wish to extend my heartiest appreciation and gratitude to the entire team who worked tirelessly to reinforce our brand promise, and we look forward to their continued contribution in the years to come.”

The theme of this year’s awards ceremony was ‘Space Galactica’ where the dealers were invited to experience the journey towards a new era that symbolises the company’s goal of providing exceptional technological upgrades, an unmatched quality product portfolio, and wider brand presence.

The Arpico Hybrid Fusion Tanks Platinum collection was introduced to the dealers.

RPC Polymers (Pvt) Ltd is a company which operates under Richard Pieris Company PLC, under the chairmanship of Dr. Sena Yaddehige.