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Good deeds of Dhamma

The words spoken by the Buddha are known as Dhamma. Scientists and philosophers give many explanations on behalf of life and the world. But there is no explanation better than the Buddha’s. Even though the Buddha is not in this world, the Dhamma he taught still exists. He learned the Dhamma himself first and then taught others.

The stanza we often use when praying the dhamma is Swakkatho bagawatho dhammo. In this stanza there are six good deeds described. After being enlightened in his 5th week under a japal tree, what he kept in front was the Dhamma. He was assured that after his passing away, dhamma and discipline are things which we must keep in front. The Buddha said that offering flowers and oil lamps was not the deal but to learn and do as in Dhamma. He said that it would be like a medicine to a patient. Dhammo bhawe rakkathi dhamma chare, one who believes in Dhamma will also be protected by the Dhamma. Dhamma donation is greater than all the other donations. We as students of a Dhamma school must learn the dhamma and we must light up our future with its light.


W. A. Pasindu Anjana Weerakkody,

Grade 9 E,

Royal International School, Kurunegala.