If NCM passed following due procedure: PM offers to step down | Sunday Observer

If NCM passed following due procedure: PM offers to step down

Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa said that he will step down without hesitation if the No Confidence Motion brought against him is passed legally, with a majority and most importantly following proper procedures stipulated by law and standing orders.

“If they (the UNF) take the vote in keeping with the standing orders of Parliament and show that they have a majority I am willing to step down,” he said.

PM Rajapaksa was speaking in Weeraketiya, Tangalle, at a religious ceremony at Kasagala Maha Viharaya to present the Aktha Patra of Dakshina Lankawe Pradana Adikarana Sanga Nayaka to Chief Incumbent Ven. Thalamporuwe Indrasiri Thera.

The Prime Minister told a gathering of Bhikkhus and lay people at the event that he had held the position of Prime Minister and Executive President of the country in the past and had gracefully stepped down when the time came.

“If they try to humiliate and force me out illegally, it will not be easy,” he said.

Criticising the conduct of the Speaker who refused to take action against two MPs brandishing knives at the parliamentary proceedings on Thursday, Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa said he will not be intimidated by such acts and step down from the premiership.

Referring to the events that took place in Parliament last Thursday and Friday, he said the Speaker had to take full responsibility for the unruly behaviour and chaos that brought disrepute to the country.

“We wanted the Speaker to take action against the two knife wielding MPs and he refused to do so. His shameful response was, and there will be MPs with swords. To our plea that a murder will take place within the chambers one of these days, he said I can do nothing about it.”

PM Rajapaksa said Parliament has been brought to such low levels due to his lack of integrity and partisan behaviour.