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JVP clings to UNP - NFF spokesman

Muhammad Muzammil
Muhammad Muzammil

The JVP is urinating on the tombs of their dead counterparts by staying with the UNP, strongly supporting it for 364 days of the year and celebrating their dead counterparts on one day during November Ill Maha Viru Samaruwa, former National Freedom Front (NFF) Parliamentarian and NFF media spokesman, Muhammad Muzammil said.

He told a media briefing at the NFF Office in Pitakotte on Friday that the JVP tried to copy Mahinda Sulanga by organising Ranil Sulanga at Nugegoda recently, but it was a complete failure and stopped at the same place where it started. There were no crowds at the event.

They are just a bunch of red calves who are hired by the UNP. The JVP is now is clinging to the UNP. According to the NFF Media Spokesman, all leftist political parties are always waiting to get the vote of the people but strangely the JVP does not like to ask for the people’s vote. “This is why they went to courts.” They are dead scared of asking the people’s vote. The members of the Elections Commission did not bother, at least, to issue a statement when the Government postponed the Local Government Election and the Provincial Councils Election for years.

All details of the Central Bank Bond Scam, top ten deals revealed by the Joint Opposition and Electric Train deals should be revealed to the country. Proper investigations should be carried out and the culprits should be punished. Those grand robberies should not be hidden under the guise of democracy, Parliament jokes and election fever, he said.