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Ensure public sector is not crippled

President Sirisena tells top Govt officials:

President Maithripala Sirisena yesterday instructed Ministry Secretaries, District Secretaries, general secretaries and heads of public bodies to ensure that the public sector is not crippled and to move forward effectively and efficiently, a statement issued by the President’s media office stated.

While ensuring that the current political crisis will be resolved within the coming days, he reiterated that it is the responsibility of government officials to uphold the administration and ensure its undisturbed continuation.

While commending that no complaints have been made against any public official for being partial towards one political party, he told them that as officials serving the people, it is important for them to maintain an apolitical status.

While some ministerial secretaries apprised the President of the practical difficulties that they were facing due to the current political crisis, the President advised them to continue without any hindrance.

President Sirisena stressed the need for them to take decisions, especially pertaining to essential services including ports, electricity, petroleum and health. “Development projects must continue and it is important that projects such as ‘Grama Shakthi Janatha Vyaparaya’ continue,” the President said and called upon the Provincial Governors to monitor the development projects. It is necessary for all government institutions not to limit themselves to the apportioned subjects but to go beyond and serve the people, the statement said. The financial progress of ministries was also reviewed at this meeting.