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Second Form at Malory Towers

Second Form at Malory Towers by Enid Blyton is the second book in the Malory Towers series and continues the story of the main character Darrell Rivers’ life in boarding school in England. The story begins with a description of Darrell being driven to Malory Towers by her parents who are sensible when they say good-bye and promise to come and see her at half term. Darrell goes straight to the North Tower where she stays and reports to the house mistress and the Matron. A girl named Irene who is a genius at music and a scatter brain has as usual forgotten her health certificate and is in trouble with the Matron.

A new girl named Belinda who is a talented artist joins them in the second form and she and Irene become good friends as they are both scatter brains. Alicia John who is brilliant in academics is disappointed when she is not made the head girl of the second from as anticipated. The spoilt child Gwendoline is as vain, pretentious and tiresome as she was the previous year and the sweet natured Mary Lou seems to have overcome her timidity.

The novel revolves around Darrell and her friends and their day to day life in boarding school which focuses on obtaining good exam results and is also adventurous and enjoyable.

As the Head Mistress Miss Greyling explains to the students, the school wants to produce good, strong women the world can lean on and these are the Malory Towers successes.

Reviewed by Hannah George