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Voting for football Amendment is against the law says Rodrigo

Ranjith Rodrigo
Ranjith Rodrigo

The decision to vote for the Amendment of the Constitution of the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) by two officials of the Football Federation of Sri Lanka (FFSL) has gone against the rules laid out by the Sports Minister of Sri Lanka, said Ranjith Rodrigo the former president of FFSL.

As an administrator with many local and foreign expertise Rodrigo says that their actions had created an unwarranted crisis and wants to explain the real situation of the position to the sports loving public.

“A Sports Minister is appointed for the betterment of sports in the country therefore all citizens should abide by the rules of the country. Amendments to the Constitution of the AFC cannot be done according to the whims and fancies of individuals but it has to be measured as to how it will affect other countries at large,” added Rodrigo.

“In a situation of this nature it should been the duty of the President and the Secretary of FFSL to inform the Minister in charge before leaving to attend the conference to clarify the real situation and represent the country.

“By not consulting the Minister the Sri Lankan representatives have violated the foreign policy and also the Minister’s view”, said Rodrigo.

The AFC has the right to make amendments which needs to be passed by conducting a vote. The voting countries have the choice to vote in favour or not and also to abstain from voting.

“According to the standing orders of the AFC even if you vote or abstain from voting it will not make any changes to the grants given to countries. The presidency of FIFA was contested by an Asian and a European and the Asian received the most votes from the Asian countries. But the European won at the election but that did not stop the grants given to countries that opposed him,” observed Rodrigo.

“Likewise the AFC too will not stop the grants given to Sri Lanka even if FFSL had voted against the amendment,” said Rodrigo.

“The Minister of Sports Faiszer Musthapha is taking steps to rectify the matter which has taken place with FFSL officials. If things work out well the matter can be sorted out amicably,” stated Rodrigo.