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Select Committee : Speaker has no right to call for a vote - Keheliya

Commenting on the Speaker’s decision on Friday to call for a vote in Parliament for the Select Committee soon after the Government law makers walked out of the Chamber, UPFA Kandy District MP and former Media Minister Keheliya Rambukwella said the Speaker has no right to call for a vote for a Select Committee as there is a procedure for the Executive to appoint a Government, Prime Minister and the Cabinet of Ministers.

When the Executive makes that appointment, the Speaker will have to accept it and comply and complain.

However, Karu Jayasuriya happens to be the Speaker but does not act like the Speaker.

The Speaker on his own accord is completely deviating from the traditions, practices and the norms of the parliamentary system and has created a chaotic situation in the country. “I hold him solely responsible for this situation,” MP Rambukwella told the Sunday Observer yesterday.

He said that they are of the view that the Executive has appointed a Government which is now in operation. The UNP led Opposition feels that this is not so and as such they are at liberty to go to the Supreme Court. That is what is laid down in the Constitution. The Supreme Court will, however, make its determination on December 7.

The Speaker as a decent human being should have waited for the Supreme Court determination. We could have avoided this chaotic situation in the country had not the Speaker failed miserably and as a result the country is suffering at present.

The Executive, the Legislature and the Judiciary work on an understanding among themselves. At present, there appears to be a conflict between the Executive and the Legislature, he said.

Commenting on the Speaker’s decision to summon Parliament on November 27, MP Rambukwella said such action is illegal. The Government will carry on regardless. Public servants are well experienced and they know where the Government and the legality stand. They go on with their normal business despite UNP MP Ajith P. Perera threatening them.

The MP said the UNP led Opposition can show any number of votes in their favour. Whether they show 150 votes, it is immaterial. There is a judgement pending. We call upon the Speaker to pay due respect to it and accept the Constitution and parliamentary norms, practices and traditions.

Minister of National Integration, Reconciliation and Official Languages, Vasudeva Nanayakkara told the Sunday Observer that the Speaker can go on having UNP meetings where he can preside and pass any motion and also have any mock voting. But that has no effect in law. “Therefore, we have said in Parliament from the time that we walked out we don’t recognise this Parliament which is no longer in existence.”

The Minister said there is no Parliament without a Government. The Government group will meet and discuss the situation from now on until November 27 and decide on its future course of action.