Tamba Villas named after tea estates | Sunday Observer

Tamba Villas named after tea estates

Tamba Villas has named all 37 of its villas after tea estates, such as Ferndale, Chalcot, Westward, Dorset, Beverly, Marlby, Norwood and Seafield. The names are all deeply evocative, with each conjuring up a place and time in Sri Lanka’s recent past.

Tamba Villas is a collaboration between Shakticola and AD Lab, a Singaporean architectural firm focused on cutting edge residential projects, while STIX, a landscape designer designed the tropical gardens.

Tamba is made up of villas. They occupy two levels, the Garden and the Gallery: there are also stand-alone villas called cottages. In tune with the environment, the living spaces are open and spacious. Balconies and verandahs adorn the rooms, gazing out on flowering plants, shrubs and spreading lawns. Tamba Villas envisages a style of life which is at once both tropical and modern, Asian and Western.

Director and Co-Project Principal for Tamba Villas, Eduard Hempel said, “At Ferndale, the Garden apartment has just been sold. So, has the Gallery at Beverly. At Westward, both the Garden and the Gallery apartments have gone, while Chalcot Villa has also been sold. So has Dorset.”

Director and Co-Project Principal for Tamba Villas, Trevor Morgan said they expect to launch construction work on this project early next year and complete it by in late 2020.

Tamba Estates (Pvt) Ltd, a Sri Lankan Limited company, owns 100% of the land that Tamba Villas will be built on.

The in-house sales team at Tamba Villas office will handle the sales in conjunction with Pearl Properties, one of the South’s leading agencies.

Tamba Villas will also be working with global partners in Singapore, USA, Canada, Australia and the U.K., along with one of Britain’s leading digital sales specialists.