Souvenirs | Sunday Observer


Many things unwanted,
Clutter up our homes.
We give away generously,
But still the collection grows.
For, we receive gifts on special days,
Or what we fancy, we buy,
Though we don’t really need them,
Our cravings to satisfy.
But sometimes there lie items,
We do not wish to throw,
Like a silver thimble,
That helped us sew.
An old autograph Album,
Signed by friends in school,
Hand-done crocheted lace,
The thread wound on a spool.
A hand-mirror in a silver frame,
A comb to match it fine.
A gift that stirs up memories,
Of the days gone with Time.
To others these are useless things,
Fit to be thrown – as old,
But to those who keep them,
Their value is more than gold.

- Rupa Wijesinghe