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The Children of Cherry Tree Farm

The Children of Cherry Tree Farm by Enid Blyton is set in the beautiful English countryside and focuses on farming and country life. The novel revolves around the lives of four children Rory, Sheila, Benjy and Penny who are sent on a holiday to their Uncle Tim and Aunt Bessie’s Cherry Tree Farm in the country. The Cherry Tree farm is a beautiful old farmhouse with a thatched roof. The children compare their home in London with Cherry Tree Farm and appreciate the positive aspects of both city and country life.

From the beginning of the novel the children enjoy life on the farm and play with rabbits, lambs and squirrels and learn how to milk the cows. The children meet an interesting person Tammylan who is a hermit and lives in a cave during Winter, Autumn and Spring and in a house of Willow in the Summer. Tammylan teaches the children many things about country life and animals such as rabbits, hares, foxes, squirrels, frogs and bats.

The children spend their time in the country meaningfully by learning about nature and animals and doing productive work and understanding the importance of being natural. The novel takes the reader on a happy journey to the beautiful English countryside to

experience the tranquility of rural life. Enid Blyton creates a vivid picture of country life and the simple pleasures of living on a farm.

Reviewed by Hannah George