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I’m a peacock

I’m the largest flying bird on earth. I’m quite shy and like to stay away from humans and I’m very scared of animals. Humans are attracted to my blue and green coloured body and they believe my feathers bring good luck and prosperity. I have an elaborate crest on my head which is unique to me. I have a long, colourful and bright tail. My feathers are gold, blue, green and brown in colour and my long metallic blue neck is equally mesmerising.

I love to roam around in a group. This makes me feel safe and secure. I like to live in a forest with water bodies nearby and sleep on trees, mostly on low hanging branches. We don’t build nests. They are built by our females called pea hens, for the purpose of laying eggs. Because of this freedom, I love my life as a peacock.


Sonam Dahamsa,

Grade 5,

Sujatha Vidyalaya,