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Veronica Returns (Songbird 2)

State Drama Award winning playwright and director Buddhika Damayantha who presented theatergoers Sinhala stage plays as 6457, Thun Mollu, Che Guevara, Songbird and many others, now prepares to debut his latest creation for the Sinhala theatre. Titled Veronica Apasu Evith (Sindu Kirilli 2) Damayantha’s latest play is a translation of the stage play ‘Coming Home’ by South African playwright Athol Fugard. The cast includes Chandrasoma Binduhewa, Jayanath Bandara, Fernie Roshinie, and will introduce to the stage for the first time child artistes –Dahemi Agbo and Salinda Arampath. Translated and directed by Buddhika Damayantha, ‘Veronica Returns (Songbird 2)’ will see its maiden show come to life on the 15th of December at 6.45pm at the Punchi Theatre in Borella.