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BNI referral marketing network launched

A large number of business personalities were present.
A large number of business personalities were present.

The BNI Gladiator, the fifth Sri Lankan chapter of Business Network International (BNI) was launched, at The Kingsbury Hotel recently.

Over 120 business personalities were present. BNI Head of Operations for Sri Lanka and Executive Director BNI India, K.V.T. Ramesh, Regional Director for BNI Sri Lanka, Colombo Central Anjana Gunathillake Launch Ambassador Dr. Prabath Karunanayake and Support Ambassador Mohamed Feroz were also present.

The purpose of BNI is business and business alone, BNI is the largest referral marketing network in the world, and in Sri Lanka. BNI is a platform for any business to grow leveraging on its network spanning over 73 countries.The network is already helping Sri Lankan businesses to grow their business locally and globally using a very structured Referral Marketing processes, said the Head of Operations for BNI Sri Lanka, K.V.T. Ramesh.

With over 8,700 chapters and over 244,000 members worldwide, BNI is one of the largest business networking organisations in the world. During the past 12 months, BNI worldwide generated 10.4 million referrals resulting in business worth US $ 15.5 billion for its members. The highest valued referral generated in Sri Lanka amounts to $ 5.2 million. BNI offers members the opportunity to share ideas, contacts and most importantly, business referrals. This is for entrepreneurs who want to expand their horizons by tapping into global markets, while consolidating themselves in Sri Lanka.

Launch Ambassador Dr. Prabath Karunanayake, outlined the difference between a lead and a referral. According to Dr.Karunanayake, BNI is the most successful platform to do referral marketing in the world.

Today, recommendations are what drive most businesses. According to research findings, 92% consumers are more likely to trust their peers over advertising, in making purchasing decisions.

Regional Director Anjana Gunathillake said, adding that businesses worldwide largely rely on referrals, but most, do not have a strategy for referral marketing. This is why BNI is important, as it provides a structured processes, platform and opens global markets through its Network. In our country, where the market is small and the economy is slow, BNI helps entrepreneurs to think globally so that they can expand their business.

BNI has its plans well defined, by BNI Sri Lanka National Director and President Global Markets, Mahesh Mac Srinivasan with 1,010 members expected by 2020.