Heeding no hunger, weariness | Sunday Observer

Heeding no hunger, weariness

The highway was full
Of dazzling cars
Of those who had
Got off from work
Everyone was driving
In haste
As they were being
The ones who stopped at
The wayside fast food restaurant
Which is well known
And decent
Moved in briskness
Who knows for what
By that time
The night had fallen
But the poor lad
Couldn’t go home
As his goods had
Not been sold
Leaving him with
A pocket with no penny
Not knowing that reality
His tummy troubled him
As emptiness of it
Irked it so much
The dejected poor lad
Walked swiftly between
Cars that were parked
Heeding no hunger, weariness
Pleading to buy his
Incense sticks
As he now learned
Toiling closer to a
Decent food outlet
Doesn’t help him
Get a meal decent
Not even a morsel
But a kind gentleman
Who saw lad’s worry
Gave him few notes
Which the chap took
With a tearful face
And a heartfelt gratitude

- N.A.A.P.K. Nedurana