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A vital message

In progressive countries in the globe as evident
It is the wellbeing of the people meant by development
Mostly values and ethics are given prominence
While wealth and power ae secondary hence
Our present assessment of values reverse
The existing traditional order in every sense
Furthermore, this has infiltrated into society
Even to institutional structures of country’s economy
The emerging idea of values are now based on money
Power is a vain search for joy in life’s journey
Wealth accumulation seems the prime objective
As the only means by which one can survive
Everyone seems preoccupied with money
Estimating their worth in terms of money
Corruption in every sector has become rampant
In society it has now developed to a curse dominant
Further it is no longer a matter of shame
To be accused of such spoiling one’s name
Most people go about in self-assumed importance
This in turn affects you with overwhelming innocence
Deeply involved in activities motivated by self-gain
Hoarding and spending money not preserving for a day of rain
Their behaviour is pointed towards hiding evil deeds
With least attention paid to average human needs
This triggers people with meagre means
Oppressed by hardship to look for other means
Anti-social activities indulged in by them for quite a while
Such as bribes drugs and stealing to finance their lifestyle
This is done deliberately to deter resurgence
Of ethics or semblance of discipline and decency
Highly materialistic nature of society
In haste to acquire material comforts and security
They even disregard the basic tenets
That is morality based on valuable ethics

- Rupa Banduwardena