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Art and Craft ideas for kids!


How to make a Christmas stocking

Hello children!


Are you interested in handicrafts? If so this page is for you. All art and craft lovers can have fun and spend their leisure in an interesting way. Come let’s have fun doing easy activities every weekend with crafter Maleendri Anandapiya. You can follow her on her facebook page – Lanka Eco Gallery and on Instagram through eco_gallery_lk

This week crafter Maleendri will guide you to make a Christmas stocking. The story of the Christmas stocking is very interesting. There were three sisters who were very poor. Santa had heard about them. One night, the girls had left their stockings drying over the fireplace. So he threw three bags of gold coins down the chimney. And the money landed in the sisters’ stockings. Ever since then children all over the world hang stockings over the fireplace and wait for Santa to fill them.

The things we need to make a Christmas stocking


1. A red colour board.

2. A green colour board or A4 paper.

3. Cotton wool.

4. A pencil.

5. An eraser.

6. Glue.

7. A pair of scissors.




Step 1- Take the Red board and draw the shape of a stocking and cut it out.

Step 2- Take the cotton wool and paste the wool on top of the stocking on both sides like this and keep it aside.

Step 3- Take the Green board or the A4 paper and draw 6 holly leaves. We need 6 of them for both sides of our stocking. Cut them and keep aside.

Step 4- Take the Red board and draw 6 red berries we need 6 berries as well for the both sides of our stocking.

Step 5- Now take the stocking and paste 3 holly leaves and 3 berries on one side like this, and repeat the same on the other side.

Our Christmas stocking is ready!!!

You can attach a piece of ribbon on top of it to hang and decorate your Christmas tree this holiday season.