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The Son of Neptune

The Son of Neptune is the latest book that I read. It is the second book in The Heroes of Olympus series which is written by Rick Riordan who is also the writer of the Percy Jackson series. It was first published by Hyperion in October 2011.

The story begins when Percy finds the path to his destination, Camp Jupiter. It is a secret base dedicated to training young Roman demigods. On his way to the camp he is attacked by the two sisters of Medusa named Stheno and Euryale. He destroys them using the river ‘Little Tiber’, which flows through Camp Jupiter.

After their arrival in Camp Jupiter, Percy and two of his Roman friends set out on a quest given by Mars, the second most important god in Rome. During the quest they kill the giant Alcyoneus who was created by Gaia to defeat Pluto which is the Roman equivalent of Hades. At the Hubbard Glacier, Frank learns about his family gift which is shape shifting. Using his power, and the help of his friends he defeats the giant. Read the book to find out more about the story.


Pasindu Anjana Weerakkody,

Grade 9,

Royal International School,