Sharp growth in LMD-Nielsen BCI | Sunday Observer

Sharp growth in LMD-Nielsen BCI

The LMD-Nielsen Business Confidence Index (BCI) has gone up by 25 basis points in November 2018, recording the most significant growth since September 2015.

In the recent survey update of the BCI, it has moved from 85 to 110 points during the corresponding period.

According to a recent survey, many respondents had shared positive outlooks with a new government in place where that taxation on many goods and services will be reduced or even removed, which will increase consumer spending in turn which will be beneficial to businesses. “Political instability remains one of the biggest national and business concerns; but businesses feel that there would be measures towards improving the ease of doing business by whichever regime assumes power next,” Nielsen’s Managing Director Sharang Pant had stated in the LMD website.