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Establishing a daily routine to become your self

We all know that creating a daily routine is essential, but getting to implement it is the hard part. If you look into most successful peoples’ lives, you will realise that they follow a fixed schedule, which has helped them to build productivity habits over time.

Creating a system that works and following it every day is an excellent way of becoming your best self. A successful routine gives you a laser-like focus from the second you get up to the time you go to sleep. Read on for tips on how to establish a daily routine.

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then is not an act, but a habit. — Aristotle Make a list of your daily tasks

The first step is to look into what you need to do every day. Do not worry about organising the list at this point. Simply focus on jotting down the list. If you cannot remember everything, carry your notebook every day for a week, and write down all the tasks you do.

Include the tasks that work well for you and those that you should add in your routine. While at it, these questions will help to refresh your memory.

· What things should you do before going to work?

· Which tasks should you do to get your children to school?

· What errands should you run daily?

· What should you do to exercise?

· What tasks should you do to have healthy meals?

· What should you do to maintain an organised house?

Make a list, and remember that no task is too small. It is okay to include simple things like brushing your teeth.

Develop a schedule

Assess your energy levels. What time of the day do you perform tasks best? Most people have high energy levels in the morning. As such, you should schedule the activities that require the most work at this time.

What your morning should look like

Waking up marks the start of the day, and your attitude determines how the rest of the day will be. Even if you are not a morning person, you should find a way of enjoying the first hours of your day.

Try waking up after the first alarm. Setting several alarms is a way of communicating to the universe that you are not looking forward to the day, and you would like to put it off for later. When you wake up passionately and with excitement about the opportunities that the day offers, you will be off to a great start.

Your routine and expectations might not fit in nearly as perfect as you expected, and that is okay. The point is to make use of your productive times for the challenging tasks and your less productive times for the less challenging activities. Very many successful people sleep all day and work at night. If this describes you, don’t be scared to do you! Test-drive your new routine

Once everything is all set up, it’s time to practice the routine. Write it on a paper and test-drive it for 30 days. Take note of your feelings. Did you schedule the tasks in a way that doesn’t make sense? Do you feel that adjusting some aspects would make more sense? If yes, do not shy away from making changes. In the end, you should have a routine that works best for you.

Be realistic

Having a routine and sticking to it is incredible, but you should give yourself time. Productive habits take time to develop. If you are too hard on yourself, you might never have the chance of enjoying the benefits of a routine. Your success depends on how seriously you take your routine. The benefits outweigh the willpower you invest at every step, so it is worthwhile. Over to you!

Do you have a daily routine? If you do, what does it include? Are you maximising your potential and hours?

If you do not have a routine, have you thought about creating one? Having a regular schedule means that you are a step away from living a successful life. Remember that the potential to achieve greatness lies in you and that forming habits takes time and effort.