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Accel marks first anniversary

Lixon Tan    Pic: Chaminda Niroshana
Lixon Tan Pic: Chaminda Niroshana

Accel, the sole distributor of Stamford tyres celebrated one year of operations in Sri Lanka at a ceremony in Colombo recently.

“We are present in many countries. We stem from a humble tyre shop in the 1930s. Basically we had a vision. The Main thing is that we do our own proprietary brand,” Stamford Tyres International Distribution Vice President, Lixon Tan said.

“We are also distributors for Sumitomo and Continental tyres in cetain parts of the world.

Our President’s vision is to come out with a more affordable tyre which is more suitable to our local consumers and our vision begins there”, he said.

We go into a lot of research on product development. We make tyres for passenger vehicles and light trucks. We help our distributors to improve their business. This is the reason for our success, and is the reason for us to come to Sri Lanka, he said.

Our customers who use our tyres actually really like them. When asked of their placing against a Japanese tyre, he said that they would consider a second tyre brand. We have an industrial tyre with Sumitomo.

The largest segment that we cater to is the commercial sector. Now we are developing a better tyre under Sumo Ferenza and we produce a large range.

We have our own R&D and some of the best people in the field are with us.

We spend a lot on R & D especially to find out what markets we should go into. The growth looked for, in Sri Lanka is to cover the whole island and be a formidable force in the tyre market.