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Dialog and ideamart introduce weather app

Dialog Axiata PLC and Ideamart, launched an aggregated weather solution, ‘WeatherGuru’, in partnership with Earth Networks, a global hyperlocal weather network, providing weather intelligence data to organisations and governments worldwide.

WeatherGuru aims to provide fully automated, industrialised weather sensors capable of capturing parameters such as temperature, relative humidity, atmospheric pressure, wind direction, precipitation, UV index, including Sri Lanka’s first lightning sensor via weather stations and weather kits deployed islandwide, understanding the importance of accurate weather forecasts and predictions to facilitate safe and productive operations of the aviation, shipping, government, military, agriculture, fisheries and tourism industries among others.

Developers and enterprise users can access real-time weather data, weather forecasts and alerts via APIs to create personalised weather-related solutions, using Dialog’s advanced Internet of Things (IoT) platform.

Users may utilise the web-based dashboard to visualise real-time and historical weather data, along with regional and location based weather forecasts and alerts.

The capacity to combine weather forecasts and alerts with telco and IoT services has been made possible with weather widgets on I Say You Do, Dialog’s platform that assists users with automating tasks and activities to create personalised and convenient solutions.

Group Chief Innovation Officer and Chief Architect, Dialog Axiata PLC, Anthony Rodrigo said, “The agriculture industry requires weather variables and derivatives as Sri Lanka’s monsoon season spans over six months. WeatherGuru’s forecasting capability will enhance the offerings provided through the Dialog Govi Mithuru service by providing farmers with actionable weather advisory services.”

Dialog WeatherGuru, along with the Wi-Fi based and USB powered weather kits will convert weather stations which required the manual recording, plotting and analysing of data by weather professionals, a time and resource consuming process, into automated stations resulting in the collection of more accurate data fast.

Real-time weather data collected from multiple smart weather stations will be sent to a single weather platform where forecasting tools combine sensor data with thermal maps and radar and satellite information, to generate accurate weather forecasts. The information can be produced daily, hourly or as 10-day forecasts, with weather and lightning alerts.

Senior Vice President of Global Sales for Earth Networks, Jim Anderson said, “The partnership with Dialog will ensure that the public, enterprises, government agencies and weather critical operations benefit from leading lightning detection and weather monitoring and alerting capabilities. The move will introduce new opportunities to Sri Lanka that will help save lives and improve operations.”

The WeatherGuru also employs Earth Networks’ global lightning network, monitor in-cloud lightning resulting in the faster generation of localised storm alerts and warnings of severe weather. The weather network, in conjunction with proprietary forecasting algorithms and technology ensures that weather forecasts are delivered on-time and with high accuracy.

Thirty-five weather stations will be deployed in all 25 districts by the year end.